Knives Are My Favorite Tool

Everybody talks about owning a gun for self defense and I totally get it but what I don’t get is why people neglect knives. I remember as a kid always playing with my Dad’s Swiss Army I would find things to cut and try my hand at widdling but the advantages of knives are farther reaching than just widdling. In fact the United States military still issues knives to soldiers because when all else fails a knife can really help.

knife in natureKnives have been used throughout human history. The second we learned how to extract metal from rocks we began making tools that allowed us to survive better. Archeologists have uncovered specimens from all over the world of knives used by hunters to kill animals for food and clothes. Knives have also been used to cut vegetation also for food and shelter. The human race would not have made it this far without the use of tools like knives.

My favorite knife company to date is Ka-bar. They have been around since the beginning of the 20th century and have continued to manufacture knife excellence to this day! The origins of Ka-bar are an interesting one. Apparently when the company began they were known as the Union Cutlery Co. they made knives for trappers and hunters. At one point the received a thank you letter form a trapper that was ecstatic about killing a bear. Some how in trying to write “kill a bear” it read Ka Bar, thus the name of the company was created.

Since then Ka-Bar has been the official knife of the united States Marine Corp. and has been in every major modern war since WWII. The knives that were used previously in the Army were not sufficient for soldiers’ needs in the trenches of Europe so the Army went looking for a better option. They found that better option in Ka-Bar and the USMC Mark 2 Combat Knife became the standard.

Since then many companies have improved upon the knife design. Spyderco is a knife manufacturer that created many features found on knives today, mainly a clip on the grip and the hole on the blade to be able to pull out the blade easier. They make knives for the Coast Guard and many others.


Conceal to carry knives can not only act as a great self-defense weapon but also can get you out of all sorts of trouble. Lets say you get stuck on something and you need to be cut free, well then you’ll just grab for your knife and all is good. My point is that while everyone is busy with their guns they are neglecting another weapon which is more useful in a lot more situations. Do guns have their advantage? Without a doubt they do! But I would bet that if there was a fight between a skill knife handler and a not so skilled gun owner the guy with the knife would probably win the fight. Its something to think about. I carry a knife and that is all that matters.

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