Getting A Glock – 17 vs 19

g17 and 19If you couldn’t tell I am a fan of knives but when it comes to guns I have an opinion too.I’ve recently been debating about getting a Glock. I’m pretty certain about the magazine size I want, but unfortunately I’m being faced with an unprecedented dilemma. Both of the options that match the specifications of what I need are almost exactly alike. Honestly, I am lamenting the fact that there are two best options, truly a dilemma I would wish on no one else (this is of course, sarcasm. I strongly believe that this would actually be an enviable position, if not for the fact that I am currently experiencing it). I can’t decide whether I prefer the Glock 17, or the more compact Glock 19.


To begin with, I can’t even let it be decided by price, with both the Glock 17 and the Glock 19 going for an average of 500$, I can’t just take the cheaper option. Nor can I really choose base on quality, seeing as almost all of the reviews I’ve seen on the subject report little to no difference in performance, with no increase or decrease in durability, accuracy, and precision (for those not in the know, precision refers to how far bullets deviate from a spot if fired at exactly the same place, a precise weapon will always hit the same target when shot a certain way, but it may not be accurate). Honestly the only real difference between the Glock 19 and the Glock 17 are the measurements and the magazine size. Many blog sites compare these two like But what all these sites agree on is that they are both top notch.


glock gripThe differences aren’t even that big, at least to me. With the Glock 19 being just about 12 mm shorter than the Glock 17, and weighing about 30 grams less. Obviously, for someone with weaker arms than me, the extra 30 grams might actually make the difference, but I’m a healthy adult male, I’m not going to have any trouble firing a Colt 45, let alone a Glock anything. However, a much more important distinction comes in the form of the magazine size. The default magazine for the Glock 19 is only 15 bullets, two less than the Glock 17’s 17 bullets, which kind of makes sense, given the shorter butt size on the Glock 19. Granted, the Glock 19 can hold a magazine with 17 bullets too, and in fact can hold a magazine with 10 or 33 bullets, as can the Glock 17. However, any magazine over both gun’s standard size (the 17 and 33 bullet magazine for the Glock 19, and just the 33 for the Glock 17) will end up protruding out of the butt. This isn’t the worst thing in the world, but it does look kind of silly, especially when you put the 33 bullet magazine inside of the Glock 17.
At the end of the day, I think I’ll end up going with the Glock 17. I have no need for concealed carry, and I can quite easily handle the extra weight (I actually laughed a bit while writing the last part) on the Glock 17. Frankly, the main selling point for me is just the magazine size. At the end of the day, I’d like a slightly larger magazine that’s actually meant for my gun.

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