Must-Have Items to Pack for a Cruise

When it comes to spending time on a cruise, there are a lot of things that you should prepare for well ahead of time, as once that ship leaves the port, there’s really little chance of going back to pick something up. So be sure to create a list of must-pack items and be sure to double and then triple check your luggage to make sure you’ve got everything you need in case of any eventuality. There are cruise10 items, however, that are 100% crucial to your trip on the high seas, so be sure to cross-check your list with ours to ensure that you’ve got everything you need: 1.) Passport and Identification This is a pretty obvious one but you’ll most likely be left at the port (or stuck on board) if you lose or forget this at home. So make copies and have them authorized just to be on the safe side. 2.) Portable phone, Ipad, and laptop chargers The last thing you want to do is realize you’ve left your charger at home once you’re at sea. While the chances are quite high that you’ll be able to find a replacement on board, no one wants to have to beg or borrow while they’re on vacation. 3.) Formal Clothing Being on a cruise isn’t always sun-tanning and wearing Hawaiian t-shirts. There are formal dinners, plays, and screenings where you may be expected to dress-up a little in accordance with the dress code. So be sure to pack a nice jacket, tie, formal shirt or a nice dress for just in case.

4.) Aloe Vera or After-Sun Lotion Just in case you’ve been burnt, be sure to have a natural skin relaxant or healing balm on hand to reduce the pain and get you on the mend again in next to no time. 5.) Sunscreen lotion with a high SPF It’s generally best to avoid getting burnt in the first place, and using a sunscreen with a high SPF level will be sure to reduce your chances of getting burnt quite dramatically. 6.) Sneakers You may want to workout or go for a jog while you’re on board and you’d be surprised how many cruise ships have onboard gym facilities. So bring a pair along for just in case or those days when it’s too cold for sandals. 7.) A Copy of Your Cruise Travel Insurance You can never be too safe when it comes to insurance and having a physical copy of your policy or cruise1agreement on hand is a good way to keep yourself and your belongings protected in case of an emergency. 8.) Any Medications You Might Need While most cruise ships will have some kind of onboard pharmacy or a doctor’s office/first aid station, they may not stock specific types of medication that you may need for a chronic illness or a specific illness. It’s always a good idea to pack your medication and sometimes even get a little more in case you lose your current supply. You can always ask the first aid officer on board to hold the spares for you so that you don’t lose them or overdose. 9.) Earplugs You’d be surprised, but a cruise ship can be a noisy place. Whether you’re weathering a harsh storm or have to put up with the loud and noisy kids in the next cabin (or running up and down the corridors), it’s best to have some earplugs available so that you can ensure a peaceful night’s sleep. 10.) Laundry Detergent Most ships will have a laundry service available on board, but it’s rarely ever free, especially if you’ve paid for a cheaper package. So be sure to pack a small amount of detergent in your luggage (if it’s permitted) in order to clean your clothes when need be. You can save a lot of cash, for things you’d otherwise be spending them on.

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