Camu Camu Fruit and its Skincare Benefits

The Camu shrub (aka Myrciaria dubia) is native to the Amazon rainforest. It produces a reddish-like sour fruit plainly known as camu fruit or camu camu camu camuberry. This fruit’s distinction, and its primary claim to fame, is its relatively high concentration of vitamin C. Significantly higher than in ordinary citrus fruits.

Celery juice has also shown a lot of skincare benefits on top of a lot of other physical benefits. It helps with heart health and other benefits. Celery juice can really help to clear you skin up and help to make you feel generally better. Many skin issues are caused by vitamin deficiencies. Not having a healthy diet is vital to being healthy in general. This includes skin health. If you do not have a healthy diet then you will probably not have healthy skin.

This is a vitamin which has been known to be beneficial for the skin in particular. Because of this, there are various vitamin C serums all around the beauty / cosmetics world. When used properly, the vitamin can seriously enhance the look and feel of your skin. Vitamin deficiencies will lead to many health issues. Some of these health issues are also linked to skin issues. Keeping clear skin is linked to diet and also heavily linked to genetics. Unfortunately you cannot do anything to change your genetics.

So, what it is about the fruit? What else does it contain, and how does it affect us? Well, it is an anti-viral agent, which makes it perfect for the coming winter months. It is an anti-inflammatory and astringent substance, which can help with the smooth operation of a variety of everyday bodily functions.camu camu1

It has also been linked – though studies on this fruit are still limited – to prevention of diseases like cancer and diabetes, to aiding fertility and ocular-health, and to improving the state of your skin. Having a proper diet can help with general health and help to prevent many diseases. Vital vitamins help to stop many diseases from coming about. Vitamin C is very important specifically. If you have a vitamin C deficiency you can get a lot of different diseases. You immune system is very connected and its ability to function is vital to have vitamin C. Without vitamin C your immune system will not function properly. Other vitamins and minerals are vital for many part of your body to function properly. Brain function is also is need of several vitamins and minerals to function properly.

Our skin is the largest organ we possess, and while it is a tough layer, it is also quite sensitive. Using the camu berry can do a lot for your complexion, fend off signs of aging, and generally give you a healthier glow. It is a skin revitalizer, and it has been called a skin “superfood”. Even though I don’t usually support those “buzzword” titles, in this case I have to hand it to the camu shrub. It is truly an amazing substance, and is a welcomed addition to any healthy nutrition plan.

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