Teambuilding Exercises

team1You want to feel comfortable with the people you work with. And now more than ever, HR departments and company owners are recognizing the importance of this. So they’re creating a whole bunch of innovative and exciting ways for people to bond and become more of a family. And there are a bunch of options out there. If you want to bond while also giving back (and naturally getting some good PR in the process), organize a volunteer day. you can do something like cleaning up a beach or painting a center for underprivileged youth. Doing this will have people getting down and dirty, making them let down their walls since everyone is “in this mess” together. It will let people unleash their creativity, and it might even bring up some more sensitive topics for people to discuss. But ultimately, giving back makes people feel happy, and having the opportunity to experience this with colleagues means that they will get to go through something significant together, something that could potentially be a life-changing experience. You never know what cause will really speak to someone, and a one-time volunteer day might ignite a passion within a person.

But let’s say that your office is looking to have some plain and simple fun. Ideas for these types of teambuilding exercises include a Top Chef competition. You can divide colleagues into groups and give them special food tasks. This will challenge each individual to come up with something creative and highlight their strengths. It might cause a drop of anxiety, but if you create the proper atmosphere it can spark a barrel of laughs. Plus, then everyone gets to break bread together afterwards, enjoying each other’s wonderful and different creations. Offer an incentive for the winning team, such as a gift certificate to a local store or an extra vacation

Another option for some fun teambuilding is to simply have some good old-fashioned relay races. What better way to have people smile than by having them act like kids? Add some cotton candy, popcorn and face paint to the mix to really get in the spirit. Alternatively, organize a painting event for your office. Everyone will get to create the same picture, yet people might need to help each other out with painting techniques. It’s a way to highlight some people’s creative skills while giving others a chance to poke some fun at themselves. And lastly, if you have some workers who work remotely, figure out a way to involve them in the fun. This can include an office-decorating competition where everyone Skypes in to show off their work (and to have a judge decide on the winner). Give people a specific amount of time allotted during the workday to decorate their space, and give them a budget as well. Bonus points if you also assign a theme! It will be fun to see what people come up with, plus they will like their working space more.

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