Experiencing Cooking With Variety

There is something really cool about being able to create all different types of dishes. I have never really been someone to cook, until I decided to check out some of the fresh produce that a local, organic grower was offering. This made me want to create all different sorts of dishes. Not only sides out of the vegetables, but also different ways to add the fruits, veggies and even locally made tofu into my main dishes.


I have a partner and daughter that are rather picky eaters, so we used to order out a lot. Instead of doing that, we now cook together and sometimes buy the ingredients as a family. I have now found that one of the main reasons why cooking is fun is that you can share in the experience with others.

Even if you are not someone who is ‘great’ at cooking, there are different ways that you can try new things and learn how to make something delicious. It is all about the ingredients and you really have to put some love into each of the menu items that you try. The more that you experiment with foods and meals, the easier it will be to master your cooking skills.


But if you really are not adept at cooking your own food, you can always find a restaurant in your local area and dine out.  There is a great web site, FoodzHub.com, that reviews various food and restaurant topics that may help you find a local restaurant that suits your tastes for that particular evening.

It Is Fun Going Out To Eat At Restaurants

It is always a pleasure going out to eat at restaurants with family or friends because it gives you a chance to taste different kinds of foods. There are different cuisines for all kinds of different nationalities, and they are represented in most cities quite well.


Of course you have your traditional American type of restaurants, and recently they have proliferated even more in the form of the diner craze. But let us not stop there as we have Italian restaurants, Greek restaurants, Chinese restaurants, Mexican restaurants, Barbeque restaurants, and the list goes on and on, with many ethnic brands available.

An interesting note is that much of the commerce of a country is done over a meal at a restaurant. There is just something about having a meeting over a meal, that is conducive to agreeing on something.

Eating out is a special treat making it possible for someone not to have to cook and clean up, and it offers a break in the daily routine so everyone can relax, enjoy the meal, and have good conversation.


Eating out at restaurants can be a regular event which can do a lot to keep and restore relationships, as who can get upset when you are enjoying a good meal?

Trois Mec – French Restaurant in LA

In 2013, three chefs by the names of Ludo Lefebvre, Jon Shook, and Vinny Dotolo decided to open up Trois Mec, an upscale French restaurant located in Highland Avenue, not far from the Hollywood Bowl.


Making reservations for Trois Mec has to be done two weeks in advance, and because the place is so small (it only sits 24 people), the chefs decided that reservations will be done by use of meal tickets. Every other Friday morning, tickets go on sale and run out pretty quickly. It is difficult to score tickets to Trois Mec, but it is totally worth it if you do.


The menu likes to change, and those sitting down to dinner have no idea what they are about to eat until the menu is presented to them. It is all part of the experience that is Trois Mec, and it is meant to be that way. The three chefs wanted to create something unique, and I believe they succeeded. Some call it the best restaurant in Los Angeles. You know what? It just might be.
As reviewed by FoodzHub, the five-course meal at Trois Mec is a fixed price, and it includes water and a service charge. Before the meal, there are several “snacks” which are served. These, too, tend to change and alternate. One favorite snack is crispy tapioca, with parmesan and passion fruit.


The counter seats, which face the open kitchen, are probably the best seats in the house. The chefs of Trois Mec have all won their share of awards, and it is fun to see them in the kitchen, talking, laughing, watching over the cooks and the preparations, and moving to the music which is always in the background. When given the time, the chefs will walk around, talking to the diners at the counter and the tables. I thought it to be a very personal gesture, and it makes the place that much more special.

Trois Mec – One Of The Best Places To Eat In LA

Getting back to Los Angeles it has been some time since I dined at a really good restaurant. My wife and daughter were in the mood from some fine French cuisine. Since we haven’t been in LA in some time we decided to look online at recommendations for local dining establishments.


After reading many reviews we settled on Trois Mec which is supposedly one of the places to eat in LA. We made a reservation for 3 and that night we were planning on sitting down for a relaxing feast of French cuisine at its finest.

Upon arrival at the restaurant you can just tell the night was going to be a great one because the place was beautifully decorated and the clientele was definitely worth a lot of money. Usually in LA you follow the money if you want to know the best places to eat.

The atmosphere was definitely upbeat and everybody seems friendly and welcoming. After spending a few minutes at the bar downing one of my favorite cocktails we were seated at this very nice table near this beautiful back window. I was definitely happy with the seating arrangements since it was very comfortable and the crowd was mellow and not too noisy.

After that we placed our order and the food came out in different stages. Our appetizers were spectacular followed by soup and salad which were magnificent. But most of all I loved my choice of seafood as the main entree, so did my wife. Desert was even better and so were the after dinner drinks. All in all it was an amazing time and well worth the price.


I will now tell all my friends to go check out Trois Mec, truly one of the best dining experiences I’ve ever had in Los Angeles.