My Last First Date

I parked my car. I was actually nervous about parking because I thought I would definitely crash because of how nervous I was. It’s just been so long since I’ve been on a great date with a guy I liked. I was putting so much pressure on this date, which is never a good idea.honey

Even though I was feeling great, something bad had to happen, right? Yeah so just I was about to enter the restaurant, a car drove right up next to the curb and splashed me. I cried. Not at first. I first was so shocked. Then when I realized how bad I looked, I cried. I immediately wanted some honey to calm myself down. There are a ton of benefits of honey, I started eating some when I was craving sweets since I’m trying to shed a few pounds. So as some form of comfort I wanted some honey. As I said, There are a ton of benefits of honey.

It was a huge debate as to what I should do next. Should I text him and say I got sick or should I just go in and tell him what happened. I peeked into the window and I saw that he was already there waiting for me. He looked so good. It made me feel even worse. And I saw him stirring honey into his tea. I wanted to just scream that there are a lot of benefits of honey.

I decided I had to go in. If he doesn’t like me because a puddle splashed me then too bad for him. I waited too long for this moment, I wasn’t going to let some dirty rainwater stop me. I walked in and he didn’t notice me at first. There was still a chance for me to change my mind. I thought about for a second, but then he waved at me. Okay then, no turning back now. He greeted me with the kiss warmest smile ever that I think actually melted my heart. I could barely speak or explain why I was soaking wet, all I could say was that there are a ton of benefits of honey. He was creeped out and said “cool”. I quickly shut my mouth and took a seat.

He actually asked why I was soaking before I even brought it up. I was hoping he wouldn’t notice, I told him what happened and he felt really bad. He even said it should have been him. I then began to wonder what I would have done if he got splashed by a puddle and then canceled on me. I wouldn’t have been able to plan this again. I would have taken it as a major sign of rejection. I just wouldn’t be able to take it.

The conversation flowed so easily. I really enjoyed talking to him, Every second, he smiled I got more and more hooked. I can’t believe I knew him for so long and this is the first time we went on a proper date. There will definitely be more.

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